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SAM4'S SPS-2000

Sam4s SPS-2000Sam4s SPS-2000

Touch Screen ECR

  • Touch Screen Simplicity
  • Fanless
  • UPC Scanning
  • Electronic Cash Register (ECR) Design Advantages
  • Optional Back Office Inventory Software

Designed for Reliability

Choose the POS system that runs on an advanced ECR platform for an efficient reliable solution.

ECRs Are More Secure

The SAM4s SPS-2000 includes flexible, built-in point-of-sale software. Because it isn’t a PC, the SPS-2000 won’t require operating systems upgrades, doesn’t need network administration support, and your information won’t be compromised.

ECRS Are More Reliable

The SAM4s SPS-2000 is a retail hardened electronic cash register (ECR) built to function in the harshest environments. It is compact and space efficient with cables and connections secure from customer interference.

ECRs Provide Lower Cost of Ownership

The SAM4s SPS-2000 can be setup and installed at a lower cost and in significantly less time.

ECRS Last Longer

ECR Systems typically last seven to ten years while on average, PC-based systems typically require replacement every three to five years.

Popular POS Components Included – Not Added On

Each SPS-2000 includes a magnetic card reader and a rear customer display. These essential components are significantly more expensive when added on to a bare-bones terminal.

All product features are subject to change without notice.

Rear Display

Rear Display

The rear display allows consumers to monitor prices as items are entered and view the sale total.

Magnetic Card Reader

Magnetic Card Reader

Use to swipe payment cards when integrated payment options are implemented, or to log or clock in employees.

Easy Save/Load

Easy Save/Load

Store programs or collect reports with the SD memory card port or USB port.

Easy to Access Ports

Easy to Access Ports

Connect to a wide array of compatible off-the-shelf POS peripherals with six serial ports and two USB ports.